The Mind Eraser -NEW!!


You and your friends are having a good time in Boca Raton. Great vacation, good times and a lots of fun with the boys and girls .Your new best friend Axel, the coolest bartender ever, offers free shots to all of you. One ,two…..four who knows how many. Then he is so helpful, he calls a cab for you guys.The next morning is tough. Everyone wakes up in one room, and is not your hotel room. It looks like someone kidnapped the whole team !Thank God everyone is OKAY. The room looks like someone is playing a surgent!  Try to escape while you can! You have 60 minutes the get out of the room before your buddy Axel and the cab driver gets back ,and will conduct a surgery on your team!




Time: 60 minutes Persons:   10 max   book now

Fifty shades darker

Mr Grey's engagement ring has gotten stolen! Jack Hyde and Mrs Robinson have the ring and they hid it in a secret place, loaded with traps. Jack and Mrs Robinson want to prevent the marriage between Mr Gray and Ana.  Mr Grey needs your help to find the stolen ring, so he can ask the love of his life to marry him. You have one hour to find the ring and get out  before the two get back and find out the evil plan has  failed! Intense. Fun. Challenging. Something new. Can you escape?                                                                           







  Time: 60 minutes Persons: 10 max   book now

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